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Some important CSIR targets in this area are: Already six excellent quality gladiolus hybrids, six new varieties of chrysanthemum and two of Hippeastrum have been developed and released for commercial cultivation. Get digital identifier number Once you finish a paper, whether you are planning to submit it as a thesis or dissertation to your college or university, or to an anthology or journal, get it registered with a recognized research body.

High artemisinin yielding variety, Jeevanraksha, of Artemisia annua containing up to 1. Agrotechnologies for rose, wild marigold, gladiolus, lavender, geranium, Stevia, carnation, lilies, chrysanthemum, etc. By copyright laws, any author or research scholars can quote from any available materials they base their subject on freely without asking for the permission from authors or publishers.

This process has been commercialized. Sekaran Biosequestration of chromium III in an aqueous solution using cationic and anionic biosurfactants produced from two different Bacillus sp. IGIB has emerged as one of the leading institutes conducting globally competitive research in Functional Genomics and Genome Informatics for the benefit of human health.

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Regional Research Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram RRL, Thiruvananthapuram Development of biocatalysts, bioactive compounds, secondary metabolites and other value-added products from microorganisms and plants utilizing the regional resources for various industrial applications with special reference to health care and green technologies.

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The CSIR Task Force Programmes undertaken by RRL, Thiruvananthapuram, include the production of value added organic chemicals from biomass and agro-industrial wastes like producing PLA polylactic acid from biomass, GLA Gamma linolenic acid from agro products, organic chemicals from industrial wastes and enzymatic extraction of rice bran oil.

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Piperine was studied in detail with anti-TB drugs. A computer-based method has been developed for identification of peptide motifs useful for drug target.

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CIMAP has developed linalool-rich CSIR proactively seeks to evolve a major programme for developing technologies using animals and plants as bioreactors. Indexing Most of the journals, whether print or online, register or index themselves with libraries or online journal directories.

Novel universal primers have been developed for genotyping. CCMB also extends its service to the public for various purposes such as: The idea is to develop value added technologies that would make a significant and positive impact on society.

Molecular detection of quorum sensing and biofilm formation Technologies Developed CIMAP has developed a low cost and efficient technology for the production of rose oil and rose water.

Designing of Bio-reactors Increasingly proteins are being made at commercial scale by using cell-culture based methods and facilities employing microbes and animal cells as bioreactors. Results have been encouraging, abandoned tea plantations were revived; their productivity was improved bringing renewed prosperity and employment to the hilly areas.

Technologies developed include the ones for early flowering of bamboo, Encillium technology for producing ethanol from molasses and EcoNCL for treating effluents from paper industry. Subrahmanyam Air quality status of a beach resort and theme park site with special reference to particulate size distribution, Indian Association of Environmental Management IAEM31, — This technology can be used for the production of a better quality enzyme for use in detergents and in leather industry.

Sekaran A novel Amphiphilic Nano hydrogel using ketene based polyester with polyacrylamide for controlled drug delivery system, Journal of Materials Science: Alpha amylase enzyme is used in textiles and food industry. Besides decolourization, it also detoxifies the effluent.

It has also developed an integrated forecasting system for the control of malaria in Mizoram and Sikkim. Somasundaram Swarnalatha, Arumugam Ganesh Kumara, Srinivasulu Tandaiaha and Ganesan Sekaran Efficient and safe disposal of chrome shavings discharged from leather industry using thermal combustion, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 84, — IICB has developed a potential therapeutic agent from herbal source for chronic myelogenous leukemia CMLwhich is a malignant clonal disorder of hematopoietic stem cell leading to massive expansion of myeloid lineage cells.

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The agrotechnologies of diverse economic, medicinal and aromatic plants have been also developed and commercialized for Artemisia annua, Phyllanthus amarus, Rose damescena etc. For this, a systematic approach for bioprospecting the plant diversity for medicinal values could yield vast benefits.

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New Bioactive compounds NBRI technologies in the pipeline include production of anti-hyperlipidemic and slimming herbal compositions, anti-diabetic herbal formulation, development of anti-cough, anti-tussive and throat soothing herbal formulation among others. The assay helps detect the sex of papaya plants at the one-month seedling stage so that male and female plants can be planted in a desired ratio to maximise the harvest.

It has rejuvenated the abandoned tea gardens and helped in improving tea productivity of the region. This technology has been transferred to a leading drug company, which has commercially launched this product in Indian markets under the brand name STPase.

Conservation methodologies of various endangered plant species have been developed.

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Andrographis paniculata, Artemisia annua, Bacopa monnieri, Catharanthus roseus, Curcuma longa, Capsicum annum, Ocimum species, Plumbago zeylanica, Phyllanthus amarus and Withania somnifera. It would have five components: And give due credit to the author you quote in citation and bibliography.

Arumugam Gnanamani of Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai CLRI. Read publications, 2 answers, and contact Arumugam Gnanamani on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. We have developed a novel hydrogel composed of konjac glucomannan (KGM), human hair proteins (KER), and an ethanolic extract of Avena sativa (OAT) and evaluated its potential as a dressing material for diabetic wounds.

KGM is an excellent biocompatible gelling agent that stimulates fibroblast proliferation and immunomodulation. CLRI, today, is a central hub in Indian leather sector with direct roles in education, research, training, testing, designing, forecasting, planning, social empowerment and leading in science and technology relating to leather.

Central Leather Research Institute

Central Leather Research Institute or CLRI is the world's largest leather research institute in terms of research papers and patents. The institute located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu was founded on 24 April as a constituent laboratory under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

History. Soon. The Department of Chemistry established inis today a recognized research centre with and Ph.D. programmes, in addition to UG, PG (Aided) and PG (SF) courses. PARIVESH is a web based, role based workflow application which has been developed for online submission and monitoring of the proposals submitted by the proponents for seeking Environment, Forest, Wildlife and CRZ Clearances from Central, State and district level authorities.

It automates the entire tracking of proposals which includes online submission of a new proposal, editing/updating the.

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