Animal testing as a result of the lack of human respect towards animals

Rather, we also have a duty to refrain from being cruel to them. Harper Torchbooks,originally published Nevertheless, based on available information, it is clear that the number of animals used in research has not significantly declined over the past several decades.

Descartes anticipates the response that his reasoning, if applicable to animal behavior, should apply equally well to human behavior. Both Kant and Carruthers agree that my torturing my own cat for fun would be wrong.

While plants, animals, and human beings are all capable of taking in nutrition and growing, only animals and human beings are capable of conscious experience. Duke University Press, By sharing these traits, they belong to a particular moral community and thus take on certain responsibilities toward each other and assume specific rights.

Direct but Unequal Theories Most people accept an account of the proper moral status of animals according to which the interests of animals count directly in the assessment of actions that affect them, but do not count for as much as the interests of human beings.

An investigation in highlighted the primate trade from Malaysia and Spain. First the frog work of Henry Dale and Otto Loewi in the s, which established the chemical nature of neurotransmitters, such as noradrenaline, which act on receptors in the lungs.

Since animals have no wills at all, they cannot have good wills; they therefore do not have any intrinsic value. One hour later, four of them were injected with penicillin. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

We are not justified in denying direct moral status to the marginal cases. Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals. The veil of ignorance is a hypothetical situation in which individuals do not know any particular details about themselves, such as their sex, age, race, intelligence, abilities, etc.

This sort of reasoning has been used to justify such practices as experimentation that uses animals, raising animals for food, and using animals for our entertainment in such places as rodeos and zoos.

Harrison attacks these points one by one. It is now widely acknowledged by scientists and ethicists that animals can experience pain and distress [25] — [29].

Is Animal Testing Justified

These are two straightforward ways in which indirect theories will generate duties with regard to animals. The regulation of animal research and the emergence of animal ethics: Toxicology for the 21st century.

Likewise, I am not permitted to harm animals without good reason; however, if greater overall results will come about from such harm, then it is justified to harm animals. That is, episodic memory retains events as they were experienced by ourselves in a particular place and time.

However, this is still very much in doubt. While a sea change is underway in regulatory toxicology, there has been much less dialogue surrounding the replacement of animals in research, despite the fact that far more animals are used in basic and applied research than in regulatory toxicology.

For this reason, much of the recent literature concerning animals and ethics focuses not so much on rights, but rather on whether or not animals have certain other properties, and whether the possession of those properties is a necessary condition for equal consideration Cf.

However, animal behavior does not require this kind of assumption; besides, Descartes argued, "it is more probable that worms and flies and caterpillars move mechanically than that they all have immortal souls" Regan and Singer, Behavior suggestive of play has been observed in other taxa, including reptiles, fishes and cephalopods [43].

The University of California Press, Since most animals do not have the cognitive capabilities of humans and also do not seem to possess full autonomy animals do not rationally choose to pursue specific life goalsthey are not included in the moral community.

Below, I will outline one of the more common arguments used to reach this conclusion. Once the actual number of marginal cases is appreciated, it is then claimed that it is not counter-intuitive to conclude that the remaining individuals do not have a direct moral status after all.

Since animals cannot direct their own actions, they are merely instruments and exist for the sake of the human beings that direct their actions. Although vision surgery can be practised on the eyes of human cadavers, there is no way of knowing whether vision has been restored successfully.

Reasons for Animal Abuse Studies on the reasons behind animal cruelty have exposed a number of motives on the part of abusers. For example, infants, although not currently rational, have the potential to become rational.

People also commonly use the flaws of indirect theories as a reason to support the claim that animals have direct moral status. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

Contractualist Theories Contractualist Theories of morality construe morality to be the set of rules that rational individuals would choose under certain specified conditions to govern their behavior in society. Researchers and oversight boards have to evaluate the relevance of the research question and whether the tools of modern molecular and cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, and computational biology can be used in lieu of animals.

It could be done unintentionally or intentionally. I should also point out that a few animals apes, dolphins and elephants may turn out to have episodic memory, theory of mind and hence extended consciousness.

We should care about the welfare of animals, even as we try to understand how similar and how different they are from ourselves. Feb 28,  · Assessing animal research.

Despite the lack of systematic evidence for its effectiveness, Investigating the validity of animal experiments is therefore essential for both human health and animals.

the results of the animal and human research need to be compared to see how well one predicts the other.

Animal Rights Quotes

Animal testing violates animal rights. Animal-based research and testing can mislead scientists about important aspects of human pathophysiology and result in harm to humans. This will mean that all testing will be done "in production" on human beings. Beyond the need to recognize and put an end to animal cruelty for the sake of the animal victims involved, also important is the very direct connection between animal cruelty and human violence.

Well humans are better than animals, we are far better at wasting, we are the ultimate destroyers of the environment so we are far better than animals in that respect, you would be hard pressed to find a more self indulgent, depraved, sexually deviant, brutal,hypocritical, sanctimonious, insincere, dishonest creature than human beings.

Animal Rights Quotes

The result is a complex picture: public opinion is mixed and context-specific; the number of animals used is a guesstimate due to lack of reporting for certain species; and laws are not keeping pace with students’ interest in dissection alternatives.

“The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of.

Is Animal Testing Justified Animal testing as a result of the lack of human respect towards animals
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